We've got previous history!


We are no "here today gone tomorrow" outfit; we have lots of baking experience and expertise.       In 1952 Emily Foster and her daughter Betty opened a transport café in a disused blacksmith’s shop in the tiny Yorkshire village of Mapplewell. Baking was Emily’s speciality and with one domestic gas oven she could bake two loaves at a time. There was no big entrepreneurial dream for Emily, just a desire to bake the best food and serve it with as much friendliness as it was possible to give, an ethos still to be found in the company today.




The first ever Fosters baking team with Betty and Emily (two women in middle) with Arthur & Margaret Foster (left), Mrs Beaumont (right)

New Product designer Adam is the grandson of Margaret.


Tom Allott - who still works at the bakery used to run the packing room back in the 1980s



The Night time baking team Jeff, Donald and Pete.   (Pete still works in the bakery today 50 years service - gosh he knows a lot)

As her baking became more popular she added a further oven and expanded capacity to near bursting point until September 1959 when the limited company was founded and a new bakery built on Blacker Road, Mapplewell.  Emily was joined around this time by her family: husband Arthur, son Donald and daughter Audrey. Very shortly the company had a mobile shop, which stood on Barnsley’s famous Market Hill, three days a week. With the acquisition of two other bakeries in Barnsley the company expanded its number of shops and, through recommendation the number of commercial accounts also grew.
In 1971 the bakery moved to its current location on Towngate, Mapplewell. This bakery was expanded in 1980, 1990, 1997, 2016 and 2017. 



John Widdowson (Betty's husband) makes bread rolls on the first ever bread plant.  For the bread plant geeks it was a "Baker Perkins Integra Moulder"

Emily's grandchildren, John Foster MBE and Ian Taylor, now run the business with a dedicated team of professional managers.

Fosters operates two manufacturing bakeries and a frozen goods warehouse. They no longer runs shops as the focus is firmly on baking for wholesale customers.  Customers include major airlines, well known retail chains and caterers throughout Britain, Europe and beyond. Fosters products are even sent to the Far East and Middle East.