Allergy Awareness Week

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This Monday signals the start of allergy awareness week and so in preparation we thought we’d take a look at how we make sure that we cater for the allergy sufferers out there and look at the ways that we make sure there is no allergen cross contamination across our products.

Here at Fosters we are a completely nut and sesame free bakery. These are two of the most common allergies in the UK, with about 2 in every 100 children and 1 in every 200 adults suffering from an allergy to nuts. We make sure that no nuts or sesame seeds are brought on site and that includes any products containing theses allergens such as chocolates, biscuits or burger buns.


We have an entirely separate area of the bakery so that those in the population with a gluten intolerance can still experience our baked goods. The bakers in this area wear different coloured hair nets and different coloured aprons and only bakers with these coloured hairnets are allowed in this gluten free area. We test our gluten free products every day and send samples periodically to an independent laboratory to test that these tests are correct.


We use different coloured Kanban cards, for products with allergens. These are the cards used in production to let our bakers know which products to bake, these Kanbans are different colours for if the product contains allergens. This helps to ensure that extra care is taking to avoid any cross contamination.


We also used to operate a separate bakery on a different site which was where any goods containing nuts where baked. This was used more when we also baked a large range of cakes and desserts but was closed in 2016 when all nuts were removed from all recipes.

nut bakery.jpg

We make sure that our bakers are extensively and continuously trained to deal with foods that contain allergens or if bakers work in the gluten free area.