Bakery Songs

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We’ve been doing some recent research and found that there aren’t many songs about bread and baking. This gave us a thought, what songs that could you make more baker friendly? Therefore, here is our list of 18 songs but with an added bakery twist:

Scones (7).JPG

1. Don’t Go Baking my Tart. Elton John (with Kiki Dee).

2. All You Need is Loaf. The Beatles.

3. Hit Me Bagel One More Time. Britney Spears.

4. House of the Rising Bun. The Animals.

5. I Want to Bake Free. Queen.

6. You Don’t Bring Me Flours. Barbara Streisand.

7. Since You’ve Been Scone. Kelly Clarkson.

8. Muffin Compares 2 U. Sinead O’Connor.

Bread and Roll Selection (1).JPG

9. Here Comes the Bun. The Beatles.

10. Knead U 100%. Duke Dumont feat A*M*E.

11. This Charming Flan. The Smiths.

12. Crumble. Kendrick Lamar.

13. Girls Just Wanna Have Buns. Cyndi Lauper.

14. 99 Bread Balloons. Nena.

15. Wake Me Up Before You Dough Dough. Wham!

16. Crust the Two of Us. Bill Withers.

17. Cake a Chance on Me. ABBA.

18. My Tart Will Go On. Celine Dion.

Let us know if you can think of anymore!