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Fosters Bakery Buy 2 New Sourdough Tanks, Doubling Sourdough Capacity

Fosters Bakery purchase 2 new, fully computerised sourdough tanks which gives us the capacity to produce 2,000 more loaves a day. These new tanks also mean that we can keep production going as when one tank runs low it automatically switched to the other tank. Read our blog post to find out more!

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The History of Sourdough

To celebrate Sourdough September, we have delved into the history of the brilliant and versatile sourdough. Like many bakes, sourdough was supposedly created by accident in Egypt. Sourdough is made by yeast fermenting with ingredients (usually flour and water). Egyptians are known to have enjoyed their beer-brewing and bread-making so read more to see how this combination created Sourdough!

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