12 Cracking Christmas Sandwiches


We are nearly halfway through December now so hopefully you have already indulged in some of the tasty Christmas sandwiches on offer, however, if you are still craving a Christmas sarnie then have a browse down below! We have put together a list of popular and well-rated sandwiches so you know which ones to go and try. I have included vegan, vegetarian, meaty and innovative sandwiches so you can see all the variety that is out there!

Let’s start with the victorious vegan selection of sandwiches:


EAT’s Christmas selection have popped up a lot on many different reviews and they seem to have cracked the Christmas sandwich! Their Vegan Coronation on Onion Seed Bloomer is flavoured with Indian spices, filled with cauliflower, mango chutney, flaked almonds, sweet raisins and vegan mayo. It has been rated a 4 out of 5 by the Daily Mail and is definitely a different alternative if you want a vegan sandwich!

*Image used is by EAT, please click here to go to EAT’s website.


M&S have swapped their turkey for soya protein in this Vegan No Turkey Feast. They have paired their ‘furkey’ (fake turkey) with cranberry chutney and spinach on malted brown bread. This sandwich has been rated 5 out of 5, one of the best high street sandwiches and an ‘excellent alternative for vegans’. M&S have used a meat replacement which has a texture similar to chicken unlike many of the other vegan sandwiches on offer, making this a exciting alternative vegan sandwich.

*Image used is by M&S, please click here to go to M&S’s website.

vegan butternut and carrot sandwich on pumpkin bread

Next is Starbucks’ vegan take on a festive, winter sandwich. They have used light and fluffy pumpkin bread, filled it with butternut squash and carrot mix and then topped it with smokey chipotle slaw, cranberries and pomegranate to add a little sweetness. This has been rated 5 out of 5 by the Daily Mail and provides an excellent alternative to a regular Christmas sandwich and an interesting alternative to your standard white or brown bread.

*Image used is by Starbucks, please click here to go to Starbuck’s website

The versatile vegetarian group of sandwiches are next:


Another well-received sandwich from EAT comes under this category, and again on the onion seed bloomer. However this time the bread has been filled with brie, cranberry sauce and a crunchy nut stuffing. This is a classic vegetarian sandwich and has been described as a ‘delightful clash of textures’ with the ‘perfect amount of zingy cranberry sauce’ as well as being on a list of the best high street Christmas Sandwiches. The addition of the onion bloomer also adds a different and exciting flavour to fairly classic Christmas flavours.

*Image used is by EAT, please click here to go to EAT’s website.


Brie and cranberry seems to be a classic vegetarian combination and Starbucks have also developed their own but using a rosemary focaccia which adds further depth and flavour to these classic flavours. It includes trimmings such as cheddar and mustard sauce, balsamic roasted red onions and fresh spinach. It went down an ‘absolute treat among vegetarian and meat-eaters alike’ and has been rated highly at 81 out of 100 by Good Housekeeping.

*Image used is by Starbucks, please click here to go to Starbuck’s website



M&S have made it into another category with their simple brie and grape sandwich with ruby port chutney on soft oatmeal bread. This provides an exciting twist on your traditional brie and cranberry and has been rated 81 out of 100 by Good Housekeeping. Also as an extra benefit of this sandwich is that 5% is donated from every pack. This sandwich is a great example of how sometimes less is more - M&S have stuck with classic flavours and created a scrumptious sandwich.

*Image used is by M&S, please click here to go to M&S’s website.

The mouthwatering meaty sandwich selection:


EAT have secured another spot with their festive full works bloomer! This sandwich includes butter basted turkey, sage and onion stuffing, some savoury smokiness, cranberry sauce and mayo for some extra moisture sandwiched between lovely seeded bread. This has scored highly across The Mirror with a 4, Daily Mail with a 5 and also in iNews with a 4.1 overall as the turkey scored 4 out of 5, the extras scored 4 out of 5 and bread got a 5 out of 5.

*Image used is by EAT, please click here to go to EAT’s website.


LEON have brought out a festive wrap stuffed with turkey, ham hock, pork sage and onion stuffing balls all wrapped up with spinach, tarragon mayo and a cranberry and clementine sauce. This sandwich has been received well and was at the top of the list for Cosmopolitan with 8.2 out of 10 as well as gaining a 5 out of 5 by the Daily Mail. This is a great alternative for a sandwich which is less bread-heavy but still contains all the delicious flavours of a Christmas dinner.

*Image used is by LEON, please click here to go to LEON’s website

full works on malted wheat baguette

And… surprise surprise, EAT are at it again! Their festive full works on malted wheat baguette also proved to be a firm favourite among tasters. This mighty sandwich contained chunks of turkey, stuffing, bacon, cranberry sauce and spinach, topped with delicious chicken mayo and crispy onions. This baguette marked highly on look, taste, flavour and value for money, receiving a total of 35 out of 40 by The Mirror and has been described as fresh, Christmassy and tasty.

*Image used is by EAT, please click here to go to EAT’s website.

Last but not least, the interesting innovations which have come out on the market this year:

pigs on blankets toastati melt

Third comes Caffe Nero’s Pigs on Blankets Toastati Melt. This cheesy sandwich contains pork sausages, beechwood smoked bacon, mascarpone cheese, cranberry sauce and plum chutney, served on sourdough bread topped with cranberries and rosemary. This toastie makes a change from your ordinary sandwich and is on a list for the best Christmas Sandwiches of 2018 and is ‘nicely balanced’ and the ‘right amount of festive’. Is a great warming sandwich for a cold, Winters day.

*Image used is by Caffe Nero, please click here to go to Caffe Nero’s website.

christmas dinner in yorkshire wrap

There are a couple of festive wraps around this year but Morrison’s Yorkshire Pudding Wrap is a creative twist on the classic Christmas sandwich. This Yorkshire Pudding Wrap is filled with the classic turkey, pork sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet cured bacon, spinach and topped with mayo. It has been described as ‘delicious’ by Metro and a ‘brilliant invention’, providing you with an exciting alternative to your regular Christmas dinner style sandwich.

*Image used is by Morrisons, please click here to go to Morrisons’ website.

costa bun

turkey, bacon and emmental on a gold bun

You often associate Christmas with a bit of sparkle but that doesn’t usually come on your sandwich! Costa’s bun is filled with turkey, maple smoked bacon, emmental cheese, pork sage and onion stuffing and topped with spiced date BBQ sauce and mayo. Not only does this sandwich sound delicious but it also comes in a shimmering gold brioche bun, making it a party-ready Christmas sandwich. The Mirror awarded this a 10 for both its festivity and look, as well as being ranked 4.5 out of 5 by The Daily Mail.

*Image used is by Costa, please click here to go to Costa’s website.

These Christmas sandwiches have definitely made us peckish! Let us know if you have tried any of these or have tried any others which aren’t listed!