World Environment Day

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Here at Fosters Bakery, we think that looking after the environment is really important and we take lots of different steps to try to minimise our carbon footprint. A huge part of being an environmentally friendly company is recycling, below you can see all the ways that we look to recycle here at Fosters.

Paper Recycling - In our offices, we use large amounts of paper in order to help with the day-to-day running of the bakery. Due to our paper usage we make sure that all paper that can be recycled, is recycled and have several big green recycling bins dotted all around the office to help make sure that staff recycle waste paper.

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Surplus Bread Recycling - There are a few reasons why we can’t sometimes send bread that has been baked to a customer, some of these reasons include: the bread has been dropped, the bread is misshapen during the baking process or the bread may have been sliced incorrectly. To make sure that this bread is not just thrown away, we send any waste bread or bread crumbs to farmers who are able to make this in to food for animals.

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Any Scrap Metal is Recycled - Here at Fosters we often have waste metal either from our plants, ovens or bread racks. Rather than just throwing these away, we look at ways that we can reuse them. We have an in-house engineering team who save parts from old machinery in case it can be used to fix any broken-down machines. If the metal is beyond repair or unlikely to be of use in the future, then it is sent to a scrap metal recycling company.

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Bakery Waste is Recycled- In the process of baking bread there is inevitable waste such as grease proof paper. We make sure that this is recycled after use.