Fosters Bakery Buy 2 New Sourdough Tanks, Doubling Sourdough Capacity

Sourdough Tank Fosters Bakery-min.jpg


We have just had an exciting new delivery of two brand new sourdough tanks! These are much more than just a vessel to produce sourdough, there are fully computerised controlled system.

At iba, a huge trade fair for world leader’s in bakery, confectionery and snacks, our MD and Production Manager visited the stand of a Polish Company called BakerLink.

John Foster (MD) says “As first we simply wanted another mixing tank but they showed us something much better". We have been relying on bakers to control our sourdough process which can vary with the seasons. Relying on bakers rather than computerised systems means we have also made mistakes. One of them being misjudging the temperature and seeing uncontrollable over fermentation of sourdough, overflowing across the bakery! But we all learn from our mistake, eh?

So, now we have a snazzy new system with 2 x 1.5 tonne temperature controlled mixer tanks which are capable of producing an extra 2,000 sourdough loaves per day. We also incorporate smaller amounts of sourdough into some recipes to boost the flavour of our bread in light of reducing salt levels. John Foster comments “our existing sourdough production was simply not sufficient to allow the 2 days maturation time”.

In total, we now hold 4 x 1,500 kilo tanks, 1 x 200 kilo tank for a special dark rye sourdough and a small tub of gluten free sourdough.

So how does our new system work?

The system controls the quantity of flour and water as well as the temperature and time. It produces the mix at a warm temperature and is controlled with a forward and reverse mixing action. If the sourdough isn’t needed straight away, it automatically chills to a dormant state.

Once one tank runs low, it automatically switched to the other tank, allowing the production cycle to start again. The system makes sure that the right amount is carried over and will knock back the mix if it gets too close to the top of the tank. This avoids any spillage!