Celebrating Innovation and Diversity


As June celebrates Pride, we thought we would discuss what Pride represents and why it is important for us to have a diverse workplace. Innovation is at the heart of Fosters Bakery and encouraging development is extremely important to us and our business. Read more to see our delicious rainbow sandwich and how having diversity in your workplace will benefit your company!

What is Pride?

Gay pride and LGBT pride is the positive movement against discrimination and violence towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity and equality rights. The pride movement also helps build community, celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance whilst increasing their visibility as a social group.

Throughout the month of June, Pride parades take place across the world to commemorate the 1969 stonewall riots in New York City; honouring all individuals, acceptance, legal rights and pride.

Many businesses are backing pride to send a message both internally and externally in hope to encourage people to be who they are at work. This improves things for the business and for the communities. In our company one of the ways this helps our business is within our NPD team. Having such a diverse team means that a variety of perspectives and innovative ideas are brought to the table when discussing product development, leading to faster problem-solving and increased creativity. Over the years the growing participation and sponsorship’s from major corporations has allowed the Pride events to expand in size.

Rainbow Teacake

M&S have even launched an LGBT sandwich for Pride 2019 which features Lettuce, Guacamole, Bacon & Tomato. Although no proportion of the sandwich sales are going to LGBT charities, M&S are donating 1000 Euros to BeLonG To Youth Services which works for LGBTI+ young people in Ireland and £10,000 to the Albery Kennedy Trust in the UK.

Interested in attending a Pride event? Find one near you!

In honour of Pride, we thought we would have a go at making our own rainbow sandwich! We have used our large white teacake and filled it with beetroot, spinach, pepper, tomato and salami.

If you are interested in making your own colourful creations here are a couple to try;

Fosters Bakery are an equal opportunities employer:

Here at Fosters bakery we are committed to ensuring that all employees and applicants to the company, have equality of opportunity based on their skills and ability.  Aiming to encourage, value and manage diversity in our workforce we do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation.

Our recruitment process is conducted in a way that selects the right candidates for the position based only on their abilities, experience and qualifications.

From when a role is advertised right through to the last day of employment and beyond, protection against discrimination is enforced within our company.

It is proven that employees stay longer with a company when they feel valued and accepted. This promotes a happier workplace for all which is something we have always maintained.

We strive for a diversity in our workplace and believe strength lies in differences.



Are you celebrating pride this month? Get in touch and let us know how! Or let us know how you encourage diversity in your business.