World Chocolate Day


World Chocolate Day is celebrated each year on the 7th of July, the perfect day for you to indulge in your favourite chocolatey treats!

Even though our bakery mainly produces bread, this does not stop us celebrating World Chocolate Day! We devised a delicious chocolate bread recipe and created some unctuous ideas of how to enjoy them so read more to find out how we made 4 delicious treats with chocolate bread.

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We started by mixing our dough, making 3 types: plain chocolate, chocolate chip and toffee chip. We made a few sizes and shapes to see what would work best with our sweet treats, buns and rolls in standard and mini.

We began by rolling our dough into balls then letting it rest for a few minutes. We then shaped our balls of dough into flatter, round discs for the buns and longer, thinner rolls for the torpedo style rolls. We then glazes them with our standard glaze, giving them a lovely shine and then they were baked! The chocolate chip and toffee ones were delicious warm as the chips were still melted!

These could be made in any shape or size that you like or even made into a loaf.

We came up with 4 ideas and different ways to eat our yummy chocolate bread so read below to see how we made:

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Dessert in a Glass

Bread and Butter Pudding

Caramelised Orange on Toasted Bread

Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate Roll Ice Cream Sandwich

The first idea we had to pair with our chocolate bread was an ice cream sandwich. We used the torpedo style rolls, filled it with 3 flavours of ice cream which pair well with chocolate. These were mint chocolate chip, vanilla and honeycomb.

We also used the buns we created and made yummy ice cream sandwiches. We paired these with strawberries and blueberries for some extra flavour. Drizzling on white chocolate not only adds sweetness but also a different texture to the sandwich.

The chocolate chips ones were the most popular from the staff who enjoyed them at the bakery as they added hints of sweetness and were also slightly melted and gooey. You could go all out with this treat, adding extra sauces, more fruit and even whipped cream. If you’re not into a sweetness overload then salted caramel frozen yoghurt would also work deliciously with this bread.

Chocolate Bread Ice Cream Sandwich with White Chocolate
Chocolate Bread Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Bread Ice Cream Sandwich with White Chocolate


Our next creations were quick and easy, but still very tasty! For our dessert in a glass, we used our toffee chip mini rolls, chipped them up and put them in a wine glass, top with ice cream, whipped cream and more toffee chunks for a delicious trifle style chocolate pudding.

You could add cream cheese frosting for a hint of sourness and top with mint ice cream and chopped fresh mint for an added freshness.

Our bread and butter pudding was unctuous and creamy, it’s also a great way to use slightly stale bread as the moisture from the custard soaks into the bread. We chopped up our plain chocolate hot dog roll poured in a quick and simple custard and baked for 25 minutes. We topped ours with vanilla ice cream, toffee chips and a cherry.

You could add chocolate custard, top with chocolate ice cream and cherry sauce for a black forest gateau style bread and butter pudding!

Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich
Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding


Chocolate Bread Orange Dessert

Last but not least, our caramelised onion on mini chocolate rolls. This is a simple dish and pairs the classic flavours of chocolate and orange.

We simply heated some sugar in a pan and waited for it to start melt and go golden, when all melted, we tossed the orange segments in the sugar and topped on the slightly toasted chocolate rolls. Drizzle with orange flavoured sauce and it’s complete!

You could pair this with orange sorbet to add some freshness to the dish or shave over some orange flavoured chocolate for more indulgence.

We loved making these chocolate creations and the team at Fosters definitely enjoyed eating them too!

If you are celebrating World Chocolate Day, make sure to let us know what you’re having! Get in touch with us on social media or comment below.