5 Simple but Effective Festive Bread Centrepieces

Christmas is often a time when family and friends get together, so why not try and make a festive bread centrepiece for them? We have tried out 3 of our own to show you how they turn out!

First of all, we made a brioche Christmas Tree. This was very simple, we rolled out balls of dough, popped them on a tray in the rough shape of a Christmas tree (make sure to leave a little space between buns as they will spread) and topped with some pumpkin seeds to add some green colour. This is a great idea for a centrepiece as it is a very simple design but so effective. There are many variations of this and they’re great for a tear and share style bread. Pair with a cheese fondue or melted chocolate and enjoy!

Bread Tree Uncooked
Bread Tree


This one is slightly more complex in design but is not too complex to do at home!


The ball in the centre of the snowflake is simply a round ball of dough which has been indented with an apple corer. The outside is then made up of round balls of dough and long roll of dough. We have topped ours with some poppy seed and mixed seed to add a little colour. If you wanted to make yours a bit more special then add some knots around the outside rather than long rolls!

Snowflake Uncooked
Knot Roll
DSC_0248 paint.jpg

The gif above shows how you complete the knots which can go on the outside of the snowflake. You wrap it round two of your fingers twice and thread the end of the knot through the middle of the two loops you have created.

Place the pieces of dough quite close together as you want them to properly bind and be sturdy enough so that the outside pieces don’t fall off.

This would be a great tear and share for a dinner table. There are many dipping sauces which you could pair with this. Some of them include:


We also tried to create a snowman! This was probably our least successful attempt but it still turned into a great and fun centrepiece. We have used a plain dough for the majority of the snowman. We have used sultanas for the eyes and mouth and flavoured our nose and buttons with sundried tomato dough. The hat has also had some mixed seeds put in to add a little texture.

If you give this a go at home, we would suggest either making the arms a little thicker or not putting any on! Ours were a little brittle from being quite thin but we still think the end result looks great.

paint3 cropped.jpg
Bread Snowman


BBC Good Food have done a festive filled brioche centrepiece with baked Camembert.

This is a simple but delicious idea for a Christmas centrepiece and is very versatile to suit everyone’s tastes.

It is made by rolling out small pieces of dough and filling them with a varieties of fillings which include garlic, quince paste, chestnuts, mushroom pate and cranberries.

You could also do a sweet version of this dish and use fillings such as jam, chocolate and hazelnut spread or peanut butter to create a sharing dessert!

Christmas star

This Christmas centrepiece not only looks the part but it is simple and easy enough to make at home. This Star Twisted Bread is made with jam to give a little bit of extra sweetness.

This website has step-by-step images on how to create the star and is worth looking at if it seems a little confusing.

This centrepiece is hugely versatile and there are countless of savoury recipes which would work just as well. Some of these include:

  • Baked Brie - This is similar to the jam Christmas star recipe but just dab little bits of brie in for a cheesy tang.

  • Garlic Butter - Mince some garlic and mix with some fresh herbs such as parsley. You could even add some cheese to give that gooey and delicious flavour.

  • Pizza - Spread soft ricotta cheese over your dough and top it with chopped spinach, shredded cheese of your choice and any toppings you choose! Crispy bacon and caramelised onions would make a tasty addition.

  • Lasagne - Spread a mix of ricotta and tomato paste over the dough then sprinkle with grated cheese and a thin layer of cooked ground beef to give a lasagne style star!

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