Working at Fosters Bakery

There are a wide range of careers at Fosters Bakery: bakers, food technologists, admin staff, sales reps, mechanical and electrical engineers, fork truck drivers, vehicle mechanics and cleaning staff.

We are a diverse bunch with different intellects, ability, gender, sexual orientation, age, race and faith.  We reckon that this diversity makes us a stronger team.  Our values are Open-mindedness, Integrity and Loyalty; these qualities we expect of all our people. Our drive is to make sure that we make and deliver the best baked products for our customers in a timely manner.   

The average length of service at Fosters Bakery is over 10 years; most of us have been here over 5 years.  One of our bakers (Pete) is still here and going strong after 50 years.

With decent pay rates (all exceeding the New Living Wage) we also have:

  • Better sick pay than SSP
  • More paid holidays than statutory
  • Pension
  • Free life assurance
  • Good occupational health provision
  • Profit share bonus scheme for all staff
  • Our canteen has free baked goods to eat on site, a little cyber cafe and free wifi.


We have a few student openings in the summer and are happy for students to come year after year throughout their studies.   It's better if your work here also helps your chosen studies. Many of our managers did summer jobs whilst at Uni / College and liked it so much they came back after graduation.

Current Openings


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We appreciate that some people want the flexibility and variety offered by agency work. Fosters Bakery uses a local employment agency for a small number of temporary workers for a maximum of 12 weeks.  After this time, if you like us and we like you, we will offer permanent employment.

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