Fosters Bakery has a rich history and we like to embrace this as we that this huge amount of experience helps us to be the best bakers that we can be. Below is an info-graphic detailing a summary of Fosters Bakery and scroll further down for more information!

Evolution of Fosters Bakery
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The bakery was started in 1952 when Emily Foster and her daughter started a small cafe in the village of Mapplewell, at this time the bakery had only 1 oven allowing only 2 loaves to be baked at a time. Her baking was so popular that this little cafe was filled to capacity so she added another oven.


The limited company that exists today was formed and a new bakery was built on blacker road to keep up with such high demand for Fosters products. At this point Emily was joined by her husband Arthur, son Donald and daughter Audrey. Shortly after this bakery was opened a mobile shop which stood at Barnsleys market was opened. 

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The bakery moved to its current location on Towngate in Mapplewell in order to meet the very high demand at the bakery. The site where it moved to was previously a large manufacturing area for building nails.


The bakery was expanded due to yet again high demand, then again in 1990, then again in 1997 when a further warehouse was opened at the Mapplewell business park, only 500 meters from the bakery, then again in 2016. The most recent expansion came in 2017 when a new storage area and weigh up room was added to the bakery. 

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The  governments Health and Safe Executive body made a special exemption to allow women to work on the night shift in the bakery, this was something that was banded by the Factories Act of 1961. In order for this exemption to happen all the male bakers needed to sign a petition stating that "they had no objection" for a women to work on the night shift.


The company made its first attempts at exporting baked products to Europe. The first products that Fosters exported was a white bloomer and a malted multi-seed bloomer, this was sold to a French airline catering company who at the time catered for the Eurostar passenger trains.

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Fosters bakery set up a subsidiary, Wellfoods which was set up to meet the trend of Gluten Free products, this range included breads, flours and pizza bases all without any gluten. Although this subsidiary is now closed, we do still bake a number of gluten free products.


Nowadays, Emily's grandchildren, John Foster MBE and Ian Taylor, run the business with a dedicated team of professional managers. Fosters operates a manufacturing bakery and a frozen goods warehouse. We no longer run shops as the focus is firmly on baking for wholesale customers.  Customers include major airlines, well known retail chains and caterers throughout Britain, Europe and beyond. Fosters products are even sent to the Far East and Middle East.

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