Speciality Breads




This is bread where the ingredients are mixed together without yeast and left to stand for several days, this helps to give the bread a richer, chewier texture and far more distinct flavor that has proved very popular with customers. Here at Fosters we have our own fermentation tanks which allows us to make our very own sourdough products completely from scratch. We bake this sourdough into a number of different loaves to help create the perfect artisan sandwhich breads.


Focaccia and ciabatta

Focaccia is an oven baked flat bread that originated in Italy, it can be used as a sandwich bread, a side for meals or even a dough for pizza. At Fosters we produce focaccia in squares or as a finger, both of these would be perfect to add some variety to sandwiches. We also produce our focaccia as either plain or with rosemary or sun dried tomatoes. 

Ciabatta is also an Italian bread with a crusty top and a soft middle. We provide white ciabatta in squares perfect for an italian style sandwhich. 

Onion Box Loaf 001.jpg


We bake a number of bread loaves that contains extra specialty ingredients to give your bread some extra excitement. Currently we bake onion, kalonji (a type of caraway seed), red pepper, sun-dried tomato and spiced fruit flavored breads. However out in house technical department are always creating new and exciting additions to our bread, so if there is anything you want added to bread that we don't currently offer we will do our best to help create this product.


Rye Breads

Rye bread is a type of bread made with a proportion of flour from rye grains, it is denser and higher in fibre than breads made with traditional flour. The current rye breads that we make are split tin rye, dark rye with carraway, dark rye box loaf, german rye and a dark rye and carraway bloomer. 


toastie loaves

This is a bread that is perfect for toasting or for breakfast sandwhiches, our toastie bread comes in a round shape and currently we produce this type of loaf as a white bread. 


Pretzel Buns

We bake a pretzel bun that is perfect for burgers. The bun has a pretzel coating which gives it a pretzel like texture.