Sourdough September 

As it is Sourdough September, we thought we would showcase our great selection of sourdoughs, along with ideas of how to enjoy them. We have also written a blog about the history of sourdough and how it all began!

Photo 29-08-2018, 11 53 50.jpg

Sundried tomato sourdough bloomer

The sundried tomatoes add a flavoursome twist whilst the loaf still maintains its signature tangy flavour. 

Fill with grilled chicken, pesto and cheddar for a delicious sandwich - also great when grilled (pictured with rocket, milano salami, mozzarella and tomato).

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campaillou sourdough

This loaf is crusty, chewy, with a slightly malty flavour.

Great to dunk in a bowl of soup or for a Sunday brunch topped with avocado, a poached egg and a sprinkle of pepper (pictured with vegetable soup).

Medium Rye.JPG

medium rye sourdough bloomer

Strong bread with a mild sour taste with great flavour and texture.

Top with smoked salmon and cream cheese or honey and banana for a tasty open sandwich (pictured with rocket, mozzarella and tomato).

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white sourdough bloomer

This bloomer has a slightly chewy crust, is open textured and has a soft crumb. 

Dip each side in an egg, milk and cinnamon mixture; fry and you're left with delicious french toast (pictured with rocket, milano salami, mozzarella and tomato).

Photo 29-08-2018, 11 45 06 (1).jpg

seeded sourdough oval

This loaf has a crackly crust whilst the crumb is soft and chewy.

Top with your favourite cheese and pop under the grill for a delicious grilled cheese sandwich (pictured with rocket, milano salami, mozzarella and tomato).

dark sourdough bloomer

A rich bread with a strong, chewy crust and a soft crumb.

Toast and spread with butter and jam for a simple but yummy breakfast or melt a slice of brie and top with cranberry sauce (pictured with rocket, German salami, mozzarella and tomato).

Sourdough Bun 002.jpg

sourdough bun

This bun has a sourdough tang, soft crumb and slightly chewy crust.

Add hummus and roasted red pepper, BBQ pulled pork or your favourite sandwich filling for a tasty lunch (pictured with rocket, tomato and milano salami).



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