Sandwich Breads

Our breads come in 3 main groups, white, malted and wholemeal. These are available with a number of different toppings e.g. seeds, barley, as well as in various slice sizes or completely uncut. We speciality make bespoke breads to your exact specifications.

White Bloomer.jpg

White Bloomer

Multiseed Bloomer.jpg

Multi-seed Bloomer

Wholemeal Box.jpg

Wholemeal Box

Tomato Box.jpg

Sundired Tomato Box Loaf

Sourdough .jpg

Sourdough Breads 

Malted Bloomer.jpg

Malted Bloomer

White Box Loaf.jpg

White Box

Malted Split Tin.jpg

Malted Split Tin

Onion Box Loaf 001.jpg

Onion Box Loaf

Mini Tomato Bloomer.jpg

Mini Bread Loaves

Wholemeal Bloomer.jpg

Wholemeal Bloomer

Malted Box.jpg

Malted Box

White Split Tin.jpg

White Split Tin

Toastie Roll.jpg

Toastie Loaf