Speciality Breads

Rosemary Foccacia 001.jpg

Rosemary Focaccia

Focaccia infused with rosemary.

German Rye .jpg

German Rye Bread

A type of bread made from rye flour, has a denser texture and higher amount of fibre.

Brioche Loaf.jpg

Brioche Loaf

A loaf made of high butter content brioche.

Tomato Foccacia 001.jpg

Tomato Focaccia

Italian Focaccia to add some extra flavour to your menu.

beatroot bread.jpg

Beetroot Bread

Add some colour to your sandwich offerings with this bread containing real beetroot.

Fruited Loaf 002.jpeg

Fruit Loaf

Spiced and fruited sweet loaf perfect for toasting. 

Ciabatta 001.jpg


We bake both white and brown ciabattas for Mediterranean dishes.

Kalonji Seed Bread.jpg

Kalonji seed bread

Bread containing small asian seeds which give a distinct aromatic flavour.

Pumpkin Bread (3).jpg

pumpkin bread

Bread made with pumpkin and topped with pumpkin seeds.