Speciality Morning Goods

 Beetroot Buns


Beetroot buns come in boxes of 48, available sliced and un-sliced.

 Pretzel Burger Buns

Pretzel burger bun

White burger bun with a pretzel coating. Comes in boxes of 48.

 Glitter Buns

glitter buns

White bun with a glitter glaze, comes in boxes of 40.

 Potato Buns

potato bun

Potato buns are made with potato flour, creating a light and fluffy texture. Comes in boxes of 48.

 Football Bread Rolls

Football baps

Football baps are available glazed, un-glazed or with a semolina topping. Come in boxes of 40.


 Hot Cross Buns

hot cross buns

Hot cross buns come in packs of 4 in boxes of either 48 or 64.