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Fosters Bakery Buy 2 New Sourdough Tanks, Doubling Sourdough Capacity

Fosters Bakery purchase 2 new, fully computerised sourdough tanks which gives us the capacity to produce 2,000 more loaves a day. These new tanks also mean that we can keep production going as when one tank runs low it automatically switched to the other tank. Read our blog post to find out more!

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Allergen Awareness

Food safety and the allergen failures have resulted in the increased scrutiny of companies to be on top of their allergen controls (which they should be anyway). This blog post will discuss the top 14 allergens, how companies should be presenting their allergens and what Fosters Bakery are doing to improve and maintain our excellent allergen controls.

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As we are heading into the new year, as well as reflecting on 2018, we thought we would rewind back to around 60 years ago to when Fosters Bakery was still in its infancy. 2019 holds a lot of uncertainty for many business due to Brexit, and during times of uncertainty it’s always reassuring to look back and think how far you and your business has come.

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