Fosters Bakery is a great place to work and a fantastic company to do business with.
We make wonderful products in safe and hygienic workplaces and show a good deal of regard to environmental impact and the social well-being of our workforce and business partners.
In our business dealings we are fair and ethical.

Unless you tell us otherwise . . . GULP !

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Don’t moan - tell us. Everyone is included in SPOT IT:

If you spot something that doesn’t seem right, use this form to send a report to senior managers or use the SPOT IT APP or post a SPOT IT Postcard in the box outside the HR Office.


If it's not obvious from the subject.
Enter details of what you think was / is wrong and maybe offer suggestions on improvement.
Which area of the business is your observation mainly about?
It would be great to know who you are so we can give you feedback on what's being done about your observation. You can make this anonymous and it will be considered just the same.
Malted Split Tin Fosters Bakery

Every 3 months there is a £50 restaurant voucher for the best SPOT IT observation by a Fosters Bakery employee.
Fosters Bakery will not be responsible for your well-being when your partner finds out that you noticed something but didn’t bother posing a SPOT IT - so no £50 meal out for you and him/her. WHAT - No Partner? on a £50 meal out you could meet someone and . . . it could be your lucky day - Send the SPOT IT !