Technical Team

Who are we?

The team is: Tom Allot, Elaine Foster, Heather Hague, Adam Westnedge, Katy Robinson and Orsolya Szekeres.

The technical team are an in house team of staff dedicated to all food matters of the business. They deal with all the new recipes, customer product specifications, health and safety, foods standards, product samples, product development and pretty much all other food aspects of the company. The team also work closely with customers in order to help create specific products that suit their needs and requirements.

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We do this by testing, inspecting, auditing and making sure all of our staff have the correct training.

“It’s everyone’s job in the company to make sure that our food contains everything it should contain and nothing that it shouldn’t . . . for us it is our sole focus.”


We provide food information to customers and to the bakery, including specifications and labelling; we ensure we are all singing [baking] from the same song [recipe] sheet.

“We’ll tell you what goes into our food so that you and your customers can make informed choices”


This includes inventing new products, improving existing products, trying and developing new baking processes, packaging, and using new ingredients. We have to balance recipes and processes as the weather and seasons affect our raw ingredients.

“Our job is to constantly change our products, because, in an ever changing world, our customers require new and exciting products.”

how to get in contact with us?

Call: 01226 215980

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