Speciality Bread

Our speciality bread range is not just limited to the bread shown below. Our NPD team are always open to trying new flavours combinations in different types of bread. We also make spinach bread and paprika bread so contact us if you would like to hear about other flavours which we can make or give us one to try!

Please contact salesforce@fostersbakery.co.uk for more information on slice thicknesses, case sizes and price enquiries.

Please see our information page for our different options regarding toppings, inclusions, flavours and colours.

Tomato Focaccia

tomato focaccia

Tomato focaccia comes in cases of 8 for quarter and 24 for square sizes. The focaccia is flavoured with tomato puree and sundried tomato pieces.

Rosemary Focaccia

rosemary focaccia 

Rosemary focaccia comes in cases of 24 for fingers and squares, and cases of 8 for quarters. The focaccia is flavoured with dried rosemary.



Large ciabatta comes in cases of 12 and small ciabatta comes in cases of 24. Brown ciabatta is also available.

German Rye Bread by Fosters Bakery


Rye bread comes in a variety of different slice thicknesses and loaf sizes. It has a firm but moist crumb with a bite from the sunflower seeds. It has a typical rye, dark flavour. Available in lateral slices as well. 

Beetroot Bloomer by Fosters Bakery


Beetroot bloomer comes in the slice thickness of 16+2 and comes in cases of 11. The beetroot flavour comes from dried beetroot flake and beetroot powder.

Kalonji Seed Bread by Fosters Bakery


Kalonji seed box loaf comes in the slice thickness of 18+2 and comes in case sizes of 5 and 12. The loaf contains kalonji seeds which offer a distinct flavour which could be complimentary to various sandwich fillings.

Brioche Loaf by Fosters Bakery


Brioche loaf comes in cases of 8 and 9 and can be sliced or unsliced. The golden brown loaf is enriched with butter and eggs and has a sweet, rich flavour.

Fruit Loaf by  Fosters Bakery


Fruit loaf is spiced enriched with butter and egg, containing cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spice, currants and sultanas. Comes in cases of 6. 

Pumpkin Bread by Fosters Bakery


Pumpkin bread comes in the slice thickness of 16+2 and comes in cases of 12. It is a white bread with added pumpkin powder and kibbled pumpkin seeds.