Wellfoods® Gluten Free Range

Catering for allergies and food intolerance is the new normal; you simply have to offer FREE-FROM options. We have been making gluten free bread and cake for over 20 years and because we are also a nut free and sesame seed free bakery you can cater for a wider audience.

Please contact salesforce@fostersbakery.co.uk for more information on slice thicknesses, case sizes, price enquiries and samples.


These are typical of a white roll, round in shape with a domed top and golden crust. With millet flake on top for added texture.


Ideal product to make your own signature hot sandwich on your panini grill. It has quite a crumbly texture with a typical gluten free flavour. Ideal for ciabatta style garlic bread too. 


Dusted with rice cones. Just a few minutes in a hot oven will give you a delicious crusty roll for great quality gluten free sandwiches. They are soft and light in texture with a slight chew.

Gluten Free Loaf by Fosters Bakery


Your guests with gluten intolerance will really appreciate something as simple as a tasty slice of toast for breakfast. It has a spongy, cream coloured crumb.

Gluten Free Scone by Fosters Bakery


Simply thaw using your microwave and serve warm with butter and cream. These are sweet with a crumbly texture and have sultanas distributed throughout.




We test our gluten free products every day and send samples periodically to an independent laboratory to test the tests. Made in a BRC approved bakery.    

The WELLFOODS® trademark is owned by Fosters Bakery (Staincross) Limited. In our company "Wellfoods" means it's gluten free. Our gluten free products are named after the village where our bakeries are located: Mapplewell. (Psssst, the village name comes from the maple tree next to the village well on Towngate).